Lois Sharzer

Our Story

Our company was founded by Lois Sharzer in 1983. A master teacher, with degrees in regular and special education, she worked in a variety of educational capacities as a teacher, school leader, coach, and university lecturer, around the United States and overseas. Her goal was to teach every child according to his or her needs, with unique and exciting materials and literature, in a way that would motivate and propel their achievement and love for learning.

In 1978, Lois moved to New York City and worked within the Corrective Reading Program of the New York Board of Education. After successful stints as a sales consultant for a small publishing company and as Marketing Director at Macmillan Scribner Publishing, she founded her own company in order to provide the best educational resources and literature to the schoolchildren of New York City.

In the years since, she has partnered with several companies and guided them in developing educational solutions to address local NYC standards, initiatives, and assessments, and correlations to key city initiatives and curriculum.

Sharzer Associates has grown over the years, but remains a family business and under its president, Rebecca Sharzer, continues its dedication to helping the children, teachers, and administrators achieve their educational goals by providing the highest quality materials and training.

What We Do:

  • Data-Driven Classrooms
  • Differentiated Instruction K-8 ELA and Math
  • Support for English Learners
  • Comprehensive Literacy
    • Phonics
    • Vocabulary Building
    • Guided and Independent Classroom Reading
    • Writing
  • Content Resources
  • Professional Development

We live by our mission statement

Sharzer Associates is dedicated to improving education for all New York City students, in public, charter, parochial and private educational institutions. We do this by providing outstanding educational materials, as well as professional development for educators, and customizing these materials to the needs of the district, school, or teacher. Equity, excellence and accessibility is the key focus of Sharzer Associates.