Lunch & Learn Series

Jul 07
lunch and learn

Summit Session 1 CA

Culturally Responsive Sustaining Education Comprehension Instruction grades 3-5

Magnetic Reading, is a new Grades 3–5 reading comprehension program that builds knowledge, scaffolds instruction to support all learners, and uses actionable data to save teacher’s time.

  • Magnetic Reading is designed to build knowledge and help students make connections between texts.
  • Culturally relevant texts and culturally responsive instructional strategies help students of all backgrounds become part of a thriving reading community.
  • Built with embedded scaffolds to support striving readers and using the Universal Design for Learning Guidelines to improve accessibility, Magnetic Reading opens access for all students to engage with quality, grade-level texts.
  • The Grade-Level Scaffolding report simplifies lesson prep. Create a “just-right” reading experience with insights on students’ abilities and guidance on how to pair students for Buddy Reading. (Available for i-Ready Diagnostic subscribers)