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Build the foundations of early learning! Johnnie Max supports the development of the whole child.


Literacy and Oral Language Skills

  • Developing oral language and building vocabulary is at the heart of the Johnnie Max program.
  • Children experience multiple exposures to robust PreK and academic vocabulary through guided presentations and explicit dialogic reading strategies in Teacher and Home Guides.
  • Online vocabulary games provide practice for children and assessment data via the learning management system for teachers and caregivers.


Social-Emotional Learning:

  • Explicit opportunities for supporting social-emotional development are built into video presentations and guided reading, each supported by Teacher and Home Guides.
  • The program’s characters, Johnnie Max and Sarabella, model social-emotional development in relatable ways throughout The Adventures of Johnnie Max fiction series.


Global Awareness:

  • Global awareness is at the very core of the program that is built around photographs of people, places, and animals from every continent on the planet.
  • Locator maps in the eBooks locate the origin of each photograph.
  • Early learners follow the adventures of Johnnie Max and Sarabella, who discover and share the beauty of each unique continent in The Adventures of Johnnie Max.


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